How to change the password FACEBOOK

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hough facebook password how to change very easily, but still many friends who ask whether via sms or via email “how do I change my facebook password”, “how to change the password facebook, etc..

Simply refer facebook how to change your password below:

As usual Login to your facebook
From the Settings menu, select Account Settings and then will look like this:

Display Account Settings on Facebook

Click on the Change Password section, so looks like the following view:

Replacing the old with the new password

Old Password; fill with your old password.
New Password; fill with your new password.
Confirm Password; the exact contents of the New Password you just content. (This to ensure that you have created with the correct password).
Then click Change Password. If successful usually will appear a message “Password successfully changed”.

Okey, I hope these steps to change this facebook password can be the answer to confusion some friends. Btw, make friends who forgot a password facebook and control to get it back, can reset the password from facebook.

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